10 tips for choosing a car rental service

10 tips for choosing a car rental service

8 May. 2019

Lately, renting a car has become an usual thing, especially for those who come to a new city. Although selecting a car from a range of available models is not a difficult decision, choosing an efficient car rental service can be a challenge. Business deals are multiple, and to decide which one is the best, you need to take into consideration multiple things.

Here are 10 tips you should consider when you choose a car rental service:

1. The first thing you need to do is to analyze the rental car companies in the area you are interested in. If the city you are looking for is Cluj-Napoca, search for rent a car Cluj offers and choose the best price-quality ratio.

2. Give attention to the range of cars you can choose from! Preferably, you could choose from a variety of cars to find the model that best suits your needs.

3. Check whether the car can be lifted from multiple locations. This is a major asset, especially when you arrive at the airport and you want to take the vehicle directly from there.

4. Take into consideration additional services! If you want a GPS, a baby car seat or snow chains for example, you should see if the car rental service you choose has them and what are the additional charges.

5. Read about the conditions for renting a car imposed by the company you choose! Some of them demand that the minimum age to drive the car is not 18, but 21 years.

6. Make sure you know the payments methods. Some companies may only accept payment by cash or by card, other by payment order also.

7. Read carefully the terms and conditions! In this way, you will get to know all the details of the car rental and you will know what you have to respect.

8. Pay attention to the terms stipulated in the contract! You may be tempted to choose a lower price and to not take into account existing clauses or additional charges.

9. Consider complementary insurance! In case you are interested in one of them, this will involve reducing the amount of the guarantee and the financial liability in the event of an accident (within the limits of the conditions stipulated in the contract).

10. Make sure the return of the vehicle is done in the same conditions as you took it. Be careful that the car has fuel when you turn it over and do not lose the car keys or documents.