Operational Leasing – Compexit Fleet Services

Operational Leasing by Compexit

The long-term rental service provided by Compexit offers the most flexible management solutions for your company’s fleet. This means you have access to the most effective ways to reduce your financial resources and cost optimization in terms of the mobility you need. This way, you will have no worries and you will be able to focus your attention on the main field of activity.

Check the advantages of the operational leasing from Compexit

  • Deductible expenses;
  • Fixed monthly rates, without unexpected costs;
  • Total maintenance, periodic revisions and unforeseen interventions;
  • RCA and CASCO insurance included;
  • Road taxes included;
  • Road Assistance 24/7 included;
  • Administrative procedures for the registration of the car;
  • The ability to choose any brand and model of a car;
  • Tire replacement every season;
  • Car Exchange in case of any accident or other service / maintenance interventions;
  • Taxes and other administrative charges included;
  • Quick approval of Operational Leasing;
  • Eliminating the risk of devaluing the car.