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Postat in data 01 Feb. 2023
Rent a car or public transport?
What is the right choice for your next trip? Rent a car or public transport?
Postat in data 27 Oct. 2022
How to choose the right car rental company?
Find out from the following article how to choose the right car rental company and what to take into account when choosing it.
Postat in data 29 Sep. 2022
Choosing a vehicle: Dimensions, categories, and classes of rental cars
Find out and choose the vehicle option suitable for your trip.
Postat in data 23 Aug. 2022
5 places to visit in Romania
Discover 5 places worth visiting on your trip through Romania.
Postat in data 01 Aug. 2022
How does a deposit for rent a car work?
Find out more details about the rent a car service and how a security deposit works.
Postat in data 22 Jun. 2022
Types of car insurance
Choose to be informed. Discover the types of car insurance and choose the right one for you.
Postat in data 28 Jan. 2022
3 Cars Suitable For A Mountain Vacation
The fresh snow and low temperatures outside have certainly managed to persuade many to spend their weekends in the mountains. If you are planning a holiday in the mountains and you do not know which car to rent, we have prepared for you an article with 3 car proposals suitable for a holiday in the mountains.
Postat in data 22 Dec. 2021
About Operational Leasing
Leasingul operational este un serviciu de finantare furnizat persoanelor juridice. Acestea au posibilitatea de a externaliza toate serviciile ce tin de mentenanta si costurile gestionarii unui automobil sau a unei flote de masini.
Postat in data 29 Oct. 2021
Tips for driving at night
Driving at night is much more demanding than driving during the day. Here are some tips.
Postat in data 30 Sep. 2021
How to prepare your car for autumn?
Make sure the car is ready for the road in the cold autumn days!
Postat in data 18 Aug. 2021
8 car models from 2021 available in the Compexit Rent a car fleet
The newest car rental models can be found in the Compexit Rent a Car fleet.
Postat in data 03 Aug. 2021
Renting a car or your own vehicle? What to choose when you go on vacation.
Don't know if to rent a car when you go on vacation? See some advantages in the article.