How can you get a car replacement after a car accident?

How can you get a car replacement after a car accident?

17 May. 2019
If you have a car accident and you are the injured party, you can get a free car as long as your car is in service. In this case, the costs are covered by the RCA insurance of the guilty party.

The replacement of the cae is possible due to the RCA Act, Rule 20/2017, Article 25.

The replacement car can only be taken from the car rental companies, so if you are in Cluj-Napoca, you can choose car rentals in Cluj from a compan like Compexit. The law also requires the replacement car to be similar to the one you own. That is why it is recommended to choose a company that has a car park with a variety of vehicles.

To get a car in exchange, there are a few steps to follow.

         1. If you are the victim of the accident, the first thing you have to do is to complete your amicable statement or statement to the police. From here, you'll get a car introduction notice.
         2. The second step is to go to the insurance company where the guilty person has the RCA policy in order to receive a notice. It should be noted that repair can be done only with the RCA of the guily part and not with your CASCO policy.

         3. After this step, you have to go to an car repair service with the registration certificate, the identity document and the notice received from the insurance company. Here, you will received the repair fee and your acceptance of the damage file from the insurer.

         4. Once you have received all these documents, you can submit to Compexit Rent-A-Car, where you will need to communicate the name of the car repair service and the contact details of the service counselor.

         5. Finally, based on the repair estimate, the company will calculate the number of days for which you receive the replacement car, free of charge. According to the law, 4 hours of work represents 24 hours of car rental.

In order for all these steps to proceed properly, when signing the claim, make sure that the car rental services are listed and that the documents issued by Compexit Rent-A-Car are attached.