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Tips for driving at night

29 Oct. 2021
Tips for driving at night

Driving at night is much more demanding than driving during the day. When driving, almost 90% of the reaction ability is based on sight, and this decreases significantly at night. Although some drivers prefer driving at night due to the fact that the roads are freer, there are a number of factors that increase the degree of danger and the risk of causing accidents. For this reason, we have prepared for you some tips to keep in mind before setting off at night.

Don't go on the road tired

Fatigue is characterized by drowsiness, decreased physical and mental performance and reduced alertness. For this reason, driving when you are not resting can be as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances. Given all this, it is very important to rest before getting behind the wheel.

If you get tired after driving for a long time, you feel heavy eyelids, it becomes difficult to keep your eyes open and stay focused, it would be best to take a break from the road and rest. A coffee or an energizer can help you at the moment, but they will not be as effective as a rest break.

Focus on the road

Driving at night requires more vigilance, attention and concentration than usual. Pay attention to the road and traffic signs. Don't look on the phone, and if there are other passengers in the car, focus more on the road than on talking to them.

Use the appropriate lights

To make driving easier at night, adjust your lights accordingly. Thus, in cities or on well-lit roads, use the headlights so as not to blind the other traffic participants. Outside these areas, use the high beam to increase visibility and to be able to drive safely. Also, avoid looking at the headlights of cars coming from the opposite direction, because they will blind you, and follow the marking of the line until you pass the car.

Check the route before leaving

If you are going to do a long road and you have not been, it is recommended to consult the route beforehand. Choose national and county roads where you have to be active and make changes regularly so as not to interfere with the monotony of the route and fatigue. Also, consult and weather forecast. If the weather does not seem to be favorable at all and there is a possibility to postpone the trip, then do it. But if there is no possibility of delay, drive very carefully and adjust the speed according to weather and road conditions.

Don't forget to prepare your car before you leave. Check its condition, check the functionality of the lights and wipe the windshield, rear view mirror and mirrors so that you have high visibility. But if you decide to book a car from a car rental service in Cluj, you can view the Compexit Rent a Car fleet.