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Types of car insurance

22 Jun. 2022

The process of renting a car can sometimes seem complicated or unclear, especially when it comes to choosing certain types of car insurance for the rental period. In this article we will try to shed some light on this topic. Read on to find out more.
There are several types of car insurance that you can choose for the period of renting a car, and these insurances can be chosen according to your needs, they being optional.

Collision damage relief

This type of insurance covers the liability of the person who rents the car for any expenses in case of accidents caused by other road users or in case of theft. This type of insurance can be useful to any driver who rents a car, because traffic incidents occur frequently, and having such insurance is then exempt from paying larger sums of money.

Additional civil liability insurance

Civil liability insurance usually covers property damage to other road users, as well as medical costs for any human injury resulting from an accident for which you are responsible.

Personal accident insurance

While liability insurance covers property damage and injuries to other road users, personal injury insurance includes property, ambulance, or death benefits for both the driver of the rented car and his or her passengers.
This type of insurance is not a priority, especially if you already have health or life insurance, which includes the benefits listed above.

Insurance of personal property

This type of insurance covers damages caused by the theft of goods from the rented car, up to a certain predetermined amount of money. If you already have a valid homeownership or tenant insurance policy, you may already be covered for the loss of personal belongings in your car. It is important to check the insurance policy documents first and then to opt for personal property insurance.
The easiest way to choose the insurance you need is to inform yourself before the actual rental of a car. It is advisable to check your car insurance coverage and credit card options beforehand. Also, if you buy the loss or collision damage insurance in advance, it will be at a lower price.

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